Preschool Classes

This class will focus on basic movement & musical ability. These dancers will learn to count time & clap to music, basic positions of the feet and arms and, beginning dance movements.  The goal of this class is to instill a love of dance and movement along with proper body position and movement patterns.

  • Ages 3-4

Junior Classes

These classes focus on improving muscle movement patterns while maintaining correct body alignment and posture.  Dancers will learn the first two primary highland dances: 16 Pas de Basque and Pas de Basque & High Cuts.  These classes will also focus on Fling, Sword, Lilt with the aim for competition and exam technique. The classes may also get to the Flora & ST.

  • Junior - new and returning dancers ages 5+
  • Junior 1 - returning dancers age 5, new dancers ages 5+
  • Junior 2 - returning dancers ages 6+

Older beginners

Focus on fun & learning highland dance movement, technique & full dances.

  • Ages 13+

Advanced/Senior Classes

These classes are for dancers with highland experience.  Focus is on building strength, technical ability and knowledge with the application to music. New dances and steps are taught as warranted by exams and competitive levels.

  • Advanced - ages 10+
  • Senior - ages 16+

Highland Hustle

Highland Hustle is a fitness class based on Scottish dance moves.  This class is suitable for all levels, from never-danced-before to experienced dancers.

  • All levels, ages 16+
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